Scott Morris’s Website That Wasn’t

Scott Morris died in June of 2003. He was a great friend, wonderful teacher, and devoted drummer. I studied drums with him for over a year when I lived in the bay area, and each session was a joy. He never had a website, and for a while we talked about doing a trade of web work for lessons, since money was tight for me. We never went through with it, but I did produce this first draft, which was little more than just something to give him an idea of what it might be like. I wouldn’t be proud of the design at this point, but the stuff I wrote gave us both some good laughs.

I understand (thanks for Kirk) that his family found this material somewhere, probably on Scott’s computer, or printed out somewhere in his house, and ended up reading some it at his memorial. Since I couldn’t be there, nothing could make me happier. It seems like a good idea to post this so people can read it.

My apologies to those whose names have been ribbed a bit — remember, this was originally for Scott’s eyes only, so I used things that I knew he would find funny.

See, and enjoy (I hope) »