Stop-N-Go Theatre

Over the weekend of February 23, 2002, we made the best use of my digital camera possible: stop-motion films. These little shorts are not finished yet: there's no sound, and they aren't really bandwidth-optimized yet (in other words, they're all at least 2 MB). They are amusing, however, and we hope you enjoy them.

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preview of barttrain

BART Train »

A brief journey down the BART platform.

preview of rotator

Rotator »

You spin me right round, baby.

preview of leapfrog

Leapfrog »

A pleasant game of leapfrog on the beach.

preview of conveyorbelt

Conveyor Belt »

We're on an assembly line.

preview of spinners

Spinners »

Another film on the theme of rotation.

preview of carousel

Carousel »

A strange merry-go-round. Note Ross's flailing.

preview of bumpercars

Bumper Cars »

Bumper Cars in the parking lot.

preview of davegiveschase

Dave Gives Chase »

We are all much too fast for Dave.

preview of craigtakesadrink

Craig Takes a Drink »

Craig Man meets Drink Man.
They have a fight.
Drink wins.
Drink man.