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December 14, 2012

You Can Fix Your nanoPAD

The Korg nanoPAD was the first MIDI controller in a non-keyboard form factor I purchased. The first one I bought crapped out a bit somehow, I’ve forgotten how, but Korg replaced it for me. From that time on, though, I barely used it. I’ve been spending a lot more time on acoustic music, less on producing things that require a controller. I started getting the itch recently, and pulled out the replacement nanoPAD to find it didn’t really work. Several of the pads were not working at all, and the whole thing was kind of disappointing. It also had a funny bend in the body.

I thought about replacing it with a new one (there’s a nanoPAD 2 now, not to mention others like the Akai LPD8), but thankfully I found a thread on Gearslutz talking about how to fix them before I got too far into the “just buy a new thing” mindset.

What I ended up doing was following the procedure in this video:

Basically you just open the thing up, peel back the plastic that the sensors are stuck to, and stick them right back on. It’s a little dicey-feeling at times, but apparently the sensors are pretty tough, so if you don’t act like a total gorilla when you take it apart, you should be fine.

The metal plate that the pads sit on was pretty well bent in one corner on mine (I’m pretty sure it was like that before a peeled the sensors up), so after I stuck everything back together, I spent a bit of time bending that errant corner.

I reattached the ribbon connector and copper foil, screwed everything back together, and damned if the thing didn’t start working again, apparently good as new.

I’ll admit I don’t understand why this worked, but it did, so I’m happy. Maybe I’ll even use it to make some music now!

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