Here are a bunch of MP3s from artists, albums, and concerts I've been involved with. Most are mono to keep the downloads small, some are full tracks, some are samples. Check them out, and let me know what you think.


Lis Harvey

Lis and I have been friends and musical partners for several years now. She's a folk-pop stylist, and released an album in late 2004 including a bunch of drums by me. The whole thing is available for online listening at her website, but here are some samples of the music from Porcupine.

Tres Femmes

Tres Femmes is a group co-led by three women singer-songwriters from the Midwest. When we play, it's the three of them and me, the token male. We did a record in 2004, self-titled, with me playing all the drumset parts. You can hear samples of all the albums tracks on their website. Here are three you can listen to here:

Four Stones

This was a quick piece of work I did for Victor Stone, the author of a ton of music, and a site about music production. He asked me to put together some beats based on a loop he provided. This streaming track is from his record Chronic Dreams, available from Magnatune.


In 2002, a friend refered me to Ara Avakian, a songwriter from San Francisco, and I did my first recording session as a hired gun. These are full tracks from Ara's CD You Are Here.


Antje is one of my current collaborators. She's building Chicago's next great country band. In fall 2003 we recorded this "demi-CD", Everybody Wants Someone. All these tunes were written by Antje, and these are full tracks.

  1. Life Plus A Day
  2. One
  3. Take It To The Bank
  4. Everybody Wants Someone

There’s some discussion about this demo on my audio production site.


Blowout is a jazz sextet I used to play in when I live in the San Francisco area. These samples are from the demo we recorded a few months before I left town, and are hosted on the Blowout website (and, as a result, could suffer from linkrot later on). I’ve linked to the streaming links; if you want to download the tracks, visit Blowout’s website.

Live Performances

Concord Jazz Festival

I had the opportunity to open for Chick Corea and Poncho Sanchez at the Concord Jazz Festival in 2001. These tracks are from that concert. Sameer Gupta and I were the two drummers playing — we play together on Reconciliation.


Stolie and I met at a show I was playing with Lis. We started working together shortly afterward, in duo, folky situations, and rock power trio shows. These tracks were recorded live at Schubas here in Chicago in early 2004, for the release of Satire-Laden Melodies. Guitar, bass, and drums. These are full tracks.

Bruno Pelletier Quartet

Bruno is a French jazz guitarist living in San Francisco, and he and I played together a lot, in various trios, quartets, even an occasional quintet. We played a lot of music by French composers.

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